Linda Norlin

Our daughter was in the Little Star’s Preschool program for two years before going to kindergarten. She has always been hesitant in new situations and the teachers and staff at Little Stars were so friendly and welcoming that our daughter quickly warmed up and felt at home. Every day she came home excited about what she learned and often spent our entire dinnertime telling us every detail of her day. My sons regularly made comments like “wow, wish we could do that all day!” Nature day with Miss Claire was so amazing. She was encouraged to get her hands dirty which she eventually did and was so proud of herself afterwards. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our experience and how our daughter has adapted so well to kindergarten life thanks to her time at Little Stars. They have figured out how to educate our kids while teaching them to explore their creativity and building self-confidence and independence – lessons that will last them a lifetime. Thank you Little Stars!

Tim and Heather Ireland

With praise and gratitude for Big Star Studios, we put our highest recommendation on Little Stars Preschool. Coming from a family of educators, with three kids who have been benefited from the programs at Big Star, our hearts are always filled with joy seeing our kids smiling ear-to-ear at drop off and pick up. We love how Big Star puts an emphasis on creative learning, learning by doing and discovery, and really plays off students' individual interests and desires which makes learning fun, interesting, and desirable. In addition to the learning and creative atmosphere that we love , the staff at Big Star are always so willing to work with individual family's needs and schedules and have made the preschool experience for our family such a positive one. We are grateful for everyone at Big Star Studios and our kids LOVE the preschool and programs they offer.

Jess Lammers

We’re entering our fourth year with Little Stars and I can’t say enough great things about the teachers, staff and program! They go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience. My oldest graduated this past spring and I am confident the program has fully prepared him for kindergarten. My three-year-old will be starting his second year and has been asking all summer if he can return to school yet. He loves being there and I’m confident that he’s learning and developing in a safe and nurturing environment. I highly recommend Little Stars to anyone with preschool-aged kids!

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