Rachel Kramer

My daughter, Abby, has been in preschool at Little Stars for almost two years now. We were there before COVID, through the closures, and since. We have been incredibly impressed with how Corey and her amazing team have handled this hard time with closures, remote preschool, and transitioning into a safe in-person experience for the kids. They have done a great job with their safety regulations and teaching the kids to still have just as much fun while wearing a mask, learning to wash hands frequently, distancing while eating, and having a day of “nature school” where they play outside all day. They have allowed Abigail to feel that this time was pretty normal, which is such a gift since the last year has been anything but! Little Stars has been an oasis where she can grow and learn and we are so happy to have found it.

Whitney Chambers

Both of our children love Little Stars Preschool. The atmosphere there is so unique and special, unlike any other pre-school I have seen. Our daughter struggled in other school environments until she found the perfect fit at Little Stars. The art based curriculum brought out her creativity and sparked her imagination in a way that I had never seen before. She truly flourished there and has loved every bit of her time with the wonderful teachers who nurtured her artistic spirit. Our son has been at Little Stars for a year now and is so happy there. He can’t wait for school and always has so many exciting stories to tell his friends and teachers. As a mother I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful atmosphere for my children to learn in. Little Stars Preschool is truly amazing and I am so grateful my kids get to experience such joy in going to school.

Shelly Weber

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what an amazing experience we have had a Big Star.  Our son Zach has absolutely blossomed being a part of your Musical Theater Class.  Before taking classes at Big Star, Zach was very shy and lacked self confidence. We find it absolutely amazing what Kathy has been able to get Zach to do on stage.  Sing, dance and monologues, he is in his element on stage.  Sports were never Zach's 'thing', but with Big Star, he finally feels like he is a part of something special.  He would be there every day if he could!

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