Outdoor nature preschool at little stars 

Does your child love the outdoors? Love to make mud pies and have adventures? At Little Stars, so do we! We strongly believe in the importance of time spent outdoors, rain or shine, for young learners. At our downtown campus in the afternoons, we have a very unique program for this type of learning that we are so excited about!

Outdoor nature preschool Activities

In addition to our classroom work, our downtown afternoon students will also benefit from the incredible teaching of our Outdoor Education Specialists!Children will be invited outside into our outdoor “classroom” to experience hands-on exploration and exposure to our diverse ecosystem. They will engage in the concepts of Science, Environmental Education, Art, Math, Language, and Literacy. Students will work with our outdoor education staff in our three outdoor preschool classrooms on-site as well as utilize our local Snoqualmie community that is just steps away from our downtown location. Children will develop their creativity, imaginative play, problem-solving and executive function skills. Kids will also gain numerous mental and physical strengths while spending time immersed in nature. They will learn through hands-on discovery and exploration of the natural world in which they are free to play, observe and test hypotheses. The skills gained in our outdoor nature preschool at Little Stars will give children the skill set to succeed in their future education and beyond!

Need more information or would like to schedule a tour? Drop us a line at info@bigstarstudios.com or call 425-292-3342!