Sarah Edmonds

Hometown: Renton, WA

Most Memorable Gig: In the summer of 2017, I had the privilege of touring with Western Washington University’s Advanced Chorale through Estonia and Finland. We were able to collaborate with local musicians, sing in gorgeous old churches, and be immersed in a beautiful culture. It was one my favorite experiences with a choir, and one I’m very grateful for.

Career Highlights: In my final year at WWU, I was chosen to perform “Laurie’s Aria” from Aaron Copland’s The Tenderland for an Americana themed concert by the Concert Choir ensemble. That piece means a great deal to me, and it was a song I had wanted study and perform since my very first voice lesson. That being one of the last times I was able to perform with Concert Choir, it was a really fulfilling, full-circle moment for me.

My Journey to Teaching: While on a gig in south Seattle, I heard the music director mention a non-profit organization he was putting together to provide free music lessons for children who couldn’t afford them in the area. I’m passionate about making the arts accessible to everyone, especially young folks, so I happily volunteered my time. I first started as a piano instructor for a few group classes a week, but before I knew it I had a voice studio full of students! I’ve been very lucky to have had amazing music educators my life, and I hope to pass on some of the life lessons they’ve taught me.

My Mission: My mission is to create a safe, loving space for a child to grow, express themselves and be proud of their accomplishments! When I was growing up, the community I found in choir and musical theater was what got me out of bed in the morning. Music is something that, even on really tough days, I could do and feel confident in myself and my abilities. I want to be able to pass forward that experience, that feeling, to my students.