December 2nd, 2018 – We hosted approximately 45 parents, siblings and friends of 18 private students of teachers Kari Zimmerman, Kristin Tetuan and Nell Engel in our 2nd Annual Winter In-House Recital. The talents showcased on this afternoon were incredible and a testament to the growing strength of our private lesson program here at Big Star. We are incredibly proud of the time, commitment and determination that all of our students continually show.

Last year, we decided as a team to address a growing need for our students to be able to select the “style” of performance they want based on a number of factors including: performance experience, venue environment and style of music. Due to the increasing number of young musicians coming through our doors with little to no performance experience, having a more intimate, relaxed environment to showcase their skills has been a wonderful addition to the opportunities we continually offer.

We are looking forward to announcing our Spring In-House Recital in the next couple of months so stay tuned (that’s a musical instrument joke.)