Most Memorable Teaching Moment: I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor in high school, and it was in the pool where I discovered the joy of helping people see their own potential.

My Journey to Teaching: I’ve been working with kids since high school. Thru the years I have volunteered at daycare centers, as sports coaches, and teaching children how grow food at a Farm. Outside of volunteering with children I’ve had many roles, from a diesel mechanic in the Marine Corps to designing and teaching Financial Systems at large corporations. No matter where my journey has taken me, I’ve found that my passion for teaching others is what motives me and it is what I enjoy most about all my roles.

My Mission: My mission is to create a classroom community based on cooperative learning and kindness. It is also very important to me that I support each of the students in their own learning journeys. I want to make learning fun so that every student of mine has a positive relationship with school. I enjoy feeding their curiosities while they discover for themselves. My favorite way to do this is teaching kids about nature and getting outside to experience our surroundings. I have a strong passion for gardening that provides so many opportunities to notice things that are right under our noses.