Hometown: Stafford, Virginia

Most Memorable Teaching Moment: They say you will always remember your first class and it’s very true. My first year was a major year for me as I learned so much about myself on a professional and personal level. It filled me with fear at the beginning, but it left me elated by the end.

My Journey to Teaching: My mother taught for 34 years, I’ve always been in awe of her. I’ve loved being around kids from a very young age and every job I’ve ever truly enjoyed has been working with children. Whether it’s motherhood or working at an elementary school, being around children has made me a better person. Teaching has been the most draining and challenging job but yet the most rewarding. It’s all about relationships and that I love!

My Mission: To make each child feel valued while teaching them the skills needed to gain confidence in their capabilities. Create a nurturing environment that inspires and reflects their world that is relative to them.