Hometown: Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Most Memorable Gig: It’s been an amazing journey – from doing summer stock on Cape Cod (7 full shows in 9 weeks) to the very first show in the Francis J. Gaudette Theater at Village Theatre in Issaquah (Contrary Mary in “Babes in Toyland”) to incredible dream roles like Little Red in “Into the Woods”, Petra in “A Little Night Music” and Rizzo in “Grease” to recording a full length CD with my first band “Fall City” to playing gigs with my current band “Tequila Mockingbird” to being the voice of the Wandering Witch in “Left 4 Dead 2” to launching Amazon Game Studios and this fantastic business with Corey Schwarz, I’ve been incredibly fortunate. But my Most Memorable Gig to date is, without question, being Mom to my two greatest achievements, my daughters, Marcella and Erin.
Career Highlights: I think you heard enough of that above.
My Journey to Teaching: I left my job with Valve Software to take a break and play Georgie in “The Full Monty” at Village Theatre. At the same time, my daughters’ dance studio was closing down. Corey and I realized this left a huge hole for arts in the Valley. So, we jumped off a cliff. I accepted a job making Halo 4 for with 343 Industries at the same time Corey and I signed the lease on our first space. Teaching became my escape from technology and my outlet to realize I had the opportunity to actually change the way kids in particular moved through their daily lives. It’s addicting.
My Mission: My passion for Big Star lies in my passion for PERFORMANCE. It is a skill that translates way outside the arts. It belongs in the workplace, in school, in any athletic endeavor, in social situations and even at home (sometimes much to the chagrin of all family members. . . . ). Being able to “put on a show”, empowers performers to step outside the boundaries of themselves and bring their audience along for the ride. Whether that means literally being on stage, in class, on the soccer field, at a party or negotiating dinner time, it’s all about PERFORMANCE.