Gracie Mosley Bio:

Hometown: Snoqualmie, WA 

Most Memorable Performance: For a majority of my life I have been performing, whether it be dance, singing, or theater, it has always been a passion of mine. The best memories of performing that I have are those that I spent dancing competitively with a team. I loved challenging myself with different types of dance, and incorporating my experience with acting and theater into successfully performing in a competitive environment.  

My Journey to Teaching: I began teaching with one of my coworkers and best friends Marcy at Big Star. We taught an Intro to Musical Theater class, and from there, teaching has become a huge passion of mine. I love working with younger students to further their love for performance and help them build confidence in everything they do. Following the last session of my Musical Theater class, I taught a number of summer camps at Big Star where we worked on basic song and dance routines. This year, Marcy and I are coaching the very first Big Star Competitive Performance Mini Team, and I could not be more excited to introduce my students to the world of competitive performance! 

My Mission: It is my #1 goal as an instructor to show and teach my students to be confident in who they are and what makes them unique. I love to watch my students grow as young performers, but in themselves as well. To create an atmosphere where my students are cared for, accepted, and confident is the most important value to me as a coach.