I have lived in Snoqualmie Valley my entire life and have always loved working with kids. I started babysitting as a 7th grader and helped with summer camps at Big Star. I then got the amazing opportunity to work at Little Stars Preschool. It is such a great experience being able to work with the amazing teachers here at Little Stars. I am so grateful to learn new teaching methods and strategies from them every single day. As a running start student I love being able to work at such an amazing place that is giving me firsthand experience in a career I might want to pursue. I always think back to the times I was really little playing “school” with my sisters and how fun I thought teaching was. I would have never thought I would be teaching preschoolers as a high school student. A moment at Little Stars that will always stick with me was seeing a student who had the hardest time leaving their grownups in the morning at the beginning of the year and then 8 months later was upset about leaving school! It’s so phenomenal seeing the growth in students in just one year. I hope to inspire students and continue working with the teachers here at Little Stars and see where it takes me!