Musical Theatre, Improv, Singing, Acting, Directing

Expert In: Musical Theatre, Improv, Singing, Acting, Directing

Hometown: Snoqualmie, WA

Most Memorial Gig: My Alma Mater, Western Oregon University, put on a production ofUrinetown my senior year. I was never cast in any other show, yet I auditioned my heart out and I was cast as Soupy Sue, one of the poor folks having to pay to pee. I was so grateful to be a part of a production, especially a comedic musical at the college-level! I learned more about being an actress in a show during that production than my four years of high school theatre ever did. I bought my own character to life and got to really act and become a character as opposed to the acting classes I had taken in the previous years at university. Urinetown taught me to love acting in shows again and it is a show and a role I will never forget.

Career Highlights: My magnum opus, if you will, was being the director of a Performing Arts day Camp on Mercer Island last summer. There were three three-week sessions and at the end of the second and third session, the campers put on an officially licensed Disney jr. show. Directing a show in that amount of time is no joke! Together with my co-director, we taught the music, choreographed over thirty songs, and blocked until we went crazy. We took the definition of a “camp show” and turned it on it’s head. I couldn’t have been more proud of all of them and their dedication and hard work to make themselves shine onstage. Other career highlights include playing Miss Blacklock in A Murder is Announced (my first (and only) lead senior year of high school), Yente in Fiddler on the Roof, and Hades #2 in a summer camp production of Hercules in 2006.

Journey to Teaching: I have been a camp counselor for the past six years, and the reason I have been one for so long is because I love working with kids! I love to share my passions with the younger generations in order to inspire them to find their own passions and let them have fun. I went into college with the idea of becoming a high school drama teacher, after being so inspired by my own high school drama teacher at Mt. Si. However, I decided that teaching high school at the age of 23 is not something that I would enjoy doing. I may go back to school one day to earn my Master’s degree in teaching, but for now, my dream is to teach theatre to children!

Mission: One of my favorite sayings ever is “enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm”, meaning if someone is willing to be goofy and silly, then the other is more prone to reciprocate. I am all about fun with kids, while also teaching them what I love. My mission is to ignite a spark of love for theatre in the kids so they could possibly grow up and discover their own unique and personalized love for the arts. I want to let them be goofy and silly and have fun acting, because I will be doing the same things with them.